Funeral of Rachel Knox

In these days of Covid-19 restrictions, funeral arrangements have to be very different from usual. Sadly therefore, only immediate family members were able to gather around Rachel’s grave and even in doing so, they had to observe social distancing advice. Thankfully it was a dry and sunny morning on Tues 7th April for the burial and funeral service. Mr. David Robinson, the funeral director, and his two assistants did their usual excellent job in seeing that all was carried out in a dignified manner, as did the gravedigger, Mr Uel Boal.

Rev. David Fallows began in prayer, thanking God for the long life He had granted to Rachel and for those who had looked after her in recent years in her own home and latterly in her care home. He then read a few short scripture passages and spoke to the assembled family members. He recalled with thanksgiving the woman Rachel had been and noted how many difficult experiences in life she had been able to come through as a result of the strength she found in the Lord.

He spoke on some words in John 14, first of all from verse 28, encouraging Rachel’s relatives to be glad for her because she has now gone to her heavenly home, where she enjoys better company than she has ever known on earth and now knows a life that is better by far than what she left behind. Then he spoke from verse 27 of the peace that the Lord had given to Rachel and that this was the means by which she was able to face whatever came her way in life. Finally, from verse 1 he spoke about how Rachel got that peace – she got it by believing in Jesus, and for all of us it is when we truly trust in Christ that our hearts will no longer be troubled.

As Rachel had requested, we then sang the words of the 23rd Psalm, reflecting on how God’s goodness and mercy had followed Rachel all the days of her life and that now she has gone to her eternal dwelling place. The service concluded in prayer, seeking God’s strength and comfort for all the grieving family members and all others who knew and loved Rachel.

Do please remember this family circle in your prayers. They feel a sadness that so many who would have wanted to be at the funeral could not be, due to our present restrictions. No doubt they will appreciate hearing from those of you who share in their loss.