Drive-In Service

The weather wasn’t looking too promising on 28th June when we were due to try having a drive-in church service. It was still just about dry at 11.30am and the decision was made then to go ahead, aiming at a 12 noon start. A low trailer was parked near a window of the church building and the lecturn placed on that from which I was to preach. Then with over 20 cars and 46 people assembled, a fairly heavy shower came our way. An emergency makeshift pulpit cover was put together using an umbrella taped to a microphone stand and all was ready to go.

Thankfully it wasn’t too windy during the service and not too wet, and the sound seemed to carry okay to all the cars that were parked up. We hope this was a one off event, as we are now allowed to meet indoors, but at least we know that a drive-in service would be possible in the future if there was ever a need for it. I am thankful to be none the worse for getting a little wet and my sermon notes have eventually dried out too. I was waiting for someone to tell me my sermon wasn’t as dry as usual, but everyone was too kind!

Rev. David Fallows.