Church Building

Summer Events - August 2016
August 31, 2016

Particularly noteworthy this year was the regular attendance of the children in the 8-12 years group.  Most of them were there every day.  The material used for the bible lessons this year was Epic Explorers, which was based on various incidents found in the gospel of Mark.

On Monday evening of the same week we had our annual church walk at Ramore Head followed by ice cream or coffee at various haunts in Portstewart.  It was probably the most warm and sunny and dry evening we have ever had for this walk.

Friday night was our church barbecue to which children who attended the Holiday Bible Club had been invited.  A wet first half of the day cleared up nicely and so the bouncy castle and slide which was on the grass behind the church got well used by the children, and though there was a strong breeze which extinguished a few matches before the barbecues got lit, it remained a dry breeze.

Our church picnic was held on the last Lord's Day of August after our morning service.  It turned out to be pleasantly bright and just about warm enough for some of the diners to eat outside.  After the picnic we then had our second worship service of the day - five hours earlier than usual, and most who were at the picnic were able to stay for it.